AUG price increased, round loss bonuses adjusted in latest CS:GO update

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  One of the most polarizing weapons in Counter-Strike: Global?Offensive has received a price increase in the latest update.

  The AUG assault rifle now will cost $3,300 in CS:GO, an increase of $150 from its previous price, which it had been at since October 2018. Players had been vocal in their dislike of the lower price since the weapon is relatively easy to use and is quite powerful as well.

  Three shotguns have also been reduced in price: Nova to $1,050, Sawed-Off to $1,100, and the Mag7 to $1,300.

  In addition to the price changes, round loss bonuses were a focus in today’s update. The developers have changed the bonuses to now be based on the team’s round losses, and the bonus can be increased by losses and decreased by wins. Previously, the bonus would be entirely reset upon a single round win.

  The M4A1-S now holds 25 bullets as well, and its reserve ammo has been increased to 75. Before the update, the silenced assault rifle only had 20 bullets in one clip and 60 in reserve.

  In non-gameplay news, the devs have released the Prisma Case, which has 17 weapon finishes that were created by members of the CS:GO community. The rare special items are the Horizon Knives, which have Chroma finishes.

  The full patch notes are available on the CS:GO blog website.